Wedding Accessories

Assorted ornaments, albums, baskets and other items for weddings.

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Wedding favors, mini Gift Bag, W-8cm H-6cm
R 8,00
Wedding Basket, W-12cm X12xm H-11cm(basket)
From R 100,00
Wedding Basket, L-25cm X 26cm H- 12cm(basket)
From R 125,00
Wedding Favors, Mini Gift Bag, W- 10cm H-6cm
R 8,00
Wedding Photo Album, Can take 100 Pictures, 22cm-W 23.5cm-L;
From R 27,00
Mini Wedding Basket, W-11cm X 11cm H- 10cm(basket)
From R 90,00
Flower Ball, with string, Circumference-48cm
From R 59,95
Wedding Gift Bag, L-22.5cm W-17.5cm
From R 4,95
Flower Ball, with string handle, circumference- 35cm
From R 49,95